Sunshine Flyers

Sunshine Flyers has a different approach to aviation.


At Sunshine Flyers you will learn to fly the airplane around all three axes and put you in complete control of the airplane, not the other way around. You will learn to navigate using a chart and compass, in addition to the latest technologies. Sunshine Flyers is located on Auburn Airport's field at Auburn, CA just outside Sacramento. This convenient location in Northern California offers easy flying access to the mountains, the valley, and the ocean.

Our flight school offers private, commercial, and instrument flight training as well as mountain flying, tail-wheel instruction, unusual attitude recover, aerobatics, aircraft rental, and a ground school. Whatever it is you wish to do, we guarantee you will be flying with only the most experienced pilots. Never been on a dirt strip? Come and we will teach you how it's done. Never flown in the Sierra? We will teach you that too! Sunshine Flyers also offers a $90 introductory flight lesson. No prior experience is necessary, you merely need to bring your sense of adventure and a willingness to learn.

Flying isn't about going around in circles, it's about having fun. For a unique flying experience, whether it is an intro flight or a new rating, join us at Sunshine Flyers for the time of your life!


9 AM - 5 PM | Monday - Sunday

2410 Rickenbacker Way

Auburn, Ca     95602

Office: 530-820-3442


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A Different Approach to Aviation.