Honoring Police and



On August 19, 2016, members of the community came together to raise funds in support of our local law enforcement officers and firefighters. Airplane rides, commemorative mugs, live music, great food and multiple display booths representing law enforcement and firefighters were placed all around the event area. After the event, we are proud to say it was a huge success and we hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did! All of the funds raised will be split evenly between the Placer County Law Enforcement Chaplaincy and the Wildland Firefighter Foundation.

The Placer County Law Enforcement Chaplaincy is dedicated to providing expertise in counseling on issues unique to law enforcement; providing specialization in trauma and crisis prevention; the conducting of crisis counseling in the field; and demonstrating excellence in delivering care and comfort to both law enforcement and the community.

The Wildland Firefighter Foundation's main focus is to help families of firefighters killed in the line of duty and to assist injured firefighters and their families. They honor and acknowledge past, present, and future members of the Wildland Firefighter community.

These photos were provided by Chaplain Marty and his wife Debby from the Placer County Law Enforcement Chaplaincy. Thanks Marty and Debby. 

Friday Flydays! Placer County Law Enforcement Chaplaincy 


Group picture in front of The Tower. From left: Jon Escalante, Brandon Kane, Tom Molokie, Greg Pellerin, Diane Hammer, Mike Duncan, Joe Esparza, Tyghe Richardson, Dan Garcia, Tammy Meredith, Ruth Ferguson, Ken Ristuben, and Jim Yoakum.

Friday Flydays! "Bud" Anderson Scholarship Fund 

Friday Flydays second event of the year was a brilliant success! They raised over $1,800 for the Bud Anderson Scholarship. What made this event extra special was having Bud Anderson himself present, a DC-3 giving rides by Richard Martin out of Nuttree Airport, unique and rare WWII aircraft on display, and WWII Jeeps and a Half Track on display by the Foothills Vintage Jeep Group. Friday Flydays event was also graced by a hotdog BBQ provided free of charge by Bill and Betty Campbell's "Bite My Buns" and Grocery Outlet. Music was provided by Brian Paz with OnTrack DJ Productions. Info booths provided by Bud Anderson, Auburn Aviation Association, Honor Flight, Auburn Endurance Club and the DC-3. Connie with Wings Restaurant right here on the field opened up their patio for seating and to sell beer. All of the amazing people who supported the event made it happen and made it the amazing night of fun that it was.  

Friday Flydays! Fire Fighters Burn Institute 

June 16, 2017 was our kickoff fundraiser for our Friday Flydays summer fundraiser series. The charity we sponsored was the Fire Fighter Burn Institute. Because our charity was for fire fighters, we made our event fire fighter themed. Cal Fire from the Atwood station in Auburn came out with their fire trucks and fire engines; the Cal Fire OV-10 Bronco from KGOO came out as a static display; Placer County Fire also provided a fire engine for display; and Sac Metro Helicopter flew in as a static display and to perform a victim rescue hoist demonstration. The event was an absolute success! Grocery Outlet and Bite My Buns provided a hotdog BBQ free of charge to those who attended. We also had information booths to promote the Fire Fighter Burn Institute, the Women's 99's aviation group, and the Auburn Aviation Association while Ontrack D.J. Productions provided music. Most of the money we raised was through airplane rides. Andy and Art with Adventure Flight came to the event with their T-50 and the Bamboo Bomber to donate their flight time to the fundraiser so that the total cost of the rides went directly to the Fire Fighter Burn Institute. We couldn't be prouder of the success of this event and we look forward to future Friday Flydays fundraisers! 

Right: Pictured from left: Ken Ristuben, Eddie Kahn, Ted Rel, Greg Pellerin, Jim Yoakum, Michael Poteet, Diane Hammer, Michael Cox, Julie Cox, Brian Tucker, Steve Price, Chad Tomlinson, Mike Duncan, Wayne Colburn, Danielle Colburn, Jeremy Larsen, and Jared Lovell.

Tour of Tracon ATC Facility at Mather

On Saturday, May 21st 2016, due to questionable VFR, a small group of our pilots & students drove to the Tracon facilities by Mather to learn about Norcal. Our contact, Crystal, gave us a great tour & overview. We were fortunate enough to sit with multiple controllers, listen & watch live traffic. Since there were no photos allowed inside, we had to settle for a quick group shot on our way out. What a great day & excellent education on air traffic control. Afterwards, we went out for lunch before heading back up to our little airport in the foothills. From left to right are Ken Ristuben, Mike Duncan, Brian Economou, David Carrier, Jared Lovell, Peter Ott, Jeff Ott & Tammy Meredith. 

Tour of McClellan Coast Guard and Aerospace Museum

This past weekend on October 11, 2015, a group of seventeen pilots and student pilots joined us for a tour of a McClellan Coast Guard C-130 and the McClellan Aerospace Museum. All pilots met at Sunshine Flyers in Auburn at 8am and planned for wheels up at 9:30. Altogether, we flew five airplanes down to McClellan while a few pilots drove down there independently. Lieutenant Junior Grade Scott Handlin, who had graciously been involved in the coordination of the event, met us on the tarmac and proceeded with a highly entertaining presentation and tour of the C-130. He explained the different missions that the Coast Guard conducts and what territory of the US coast they cover. Once we finished with Scott and were sufficiently allowed to climb through all parts of the aircraft, we made our way to the Aerospace Museum. Our tour guide met us inside where they have multiple aircraft, displays, games, movies, and simulators conservatively spaced within the upstairs and downstairs portions of the museum. After touring the inside, we were handed to a guide for the outside yard full of airplanes of all kinds throughout generations. The staff were highly knowledgeable and spent ample time explaining the highlight elements of each aircraft in the yard.  

Photo taken in front of one of the FIFO Leer Jets during the hangar portion of the tour. Beginning Left: Brandon Kane, Jon Escalante, Greg Pellerin, Mike Duncan, Diane Hammer, Ken Ristuben, Jim Yoakum, Joe Esparza, Ruth Ferguson, Neil Brown, Tammy Meredith, Tyghe Richardson, Dan Garcia. A huge thanks to Tom Molokie for taking the photo.

Tour of Sacramento International

On Saturday July 18, 2015, a group of Sunshine Flyers students and pilots gathered into three airplanes and flew down to Sacramento International Airport for a tour of the Flight Inspection Field Office (FIFO) and the Air Traffic Control Tower. Through our kind connections with the FIFO employees based out of Sacramento International and the generous accommodations of the tower supervisor, we were able to coordinate a tour to do just that. We were given a brief and highly entertaining slide show presentation of the flight checks done on NAVAIDs such as PAPI and VASI systems. We were allowed to climb inside of the Leer Jets used for these flight checks. Next we shuttled over to the ATC Tower and split into two groups to tour the top. Let's just say the stairwell is tiny and the view is incredible. The supervisor explained their use of radar and aircraft separation. Overall, the trip was highly educational and fun. We wanted to give our students and pilots a unique and possibly once-in-a-lifetime experience that would help shape their understanding and view of the components that make these aspects of flying and navigating possible. After our trip into Class C airspace on Saturday, I do believe we did just that.
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Airport Events!

On August 18, Friday Flydays! hosted a fundraiser sponsoring the Placer County Law Enforcement Chaplaincy. The theme for the fundraiser was all Law Enforcement and Thin Blue Line. The community was invited to come out and meet their local law enforcement agencies and get to know the amazing Chaplains who serve them and our law enforcement officers. There were CHP and Sheriff aircraft on display, vintage cars, law enforcement vehicles, a hoist demonstration from the PCSO helicopter, and much, much more! Don Gwin and Al Casner gave airplane rides in their red bi-plane Stearman. 

As featured at all of our events, there were FREE BBQ hotdogs provided by Grocery Outlet and Bite My Buns. There will be a live band Stickin' With It playing, information booths from our charity, local non-profit organizations and law enforcement agencies. 

Sunshine Flyers

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