Randy Leys



Randy was born and raised on a ranch in Canada but moved to Texas full-time at the age of 26. Randy received his flight training at the Mc Allen, Texas airfield, KMFE, soloing at 17 and getting his Private Pilot's License at 19. Randy has gone on to earn his CFII, MEI, ATP, Private Pilot's License in Helicopter, 7 type ratings, and tailwheel. In his 43 years of flying, Randy has accumulated 18,700 hours of flight time in mostly Corporate business jets. Now that Randy has retired from his career in the world of Corporate aviation, he is excited and eager to get back into flight instructing. Randy strives to cater his teaching methods to his students and takes pride in sharing the true joys of aviation. 

Reuben Meeks



As well as being certified in fixed wing instruction, Reuben Meeks is also certified in rotorcraft and holds an Airplane and Powerplant mechanic license. Reuben's flying experience includes flying in the law enforcement sector as well as on the civilian side. Reuben is friendly, good-natured and is highly motivated to help his students achieve their goals in aviation.  

Renata Mackenroth

Office Staff


Renata Mackenroth began working at Sunshine Flyers in August of 2018. She is a student pilot in the process of earning her Private Pilot's License. In her spare time when she is not at work or flying, Renata enjoys working with animals on family's farm.  Renata works in the office one day a week and will be happy to assist you with any questions, scheduling, or billing inquiries.

We have some of the finest instructors in the area at Sunshine Flyers. All of our instructors are experienced, talented pilots, eager to spread their wealth of knowledge. Each of our instructors has their own expertise, whether it be tailwheel instruction, mountain flying, or even helicopter instruction. They are happy not only to fly with you, but also to sit down and help you through any complex concept you may be struggling with. No matter what it is you need in order to further your flying experience, our instructors will fit to your schedule, not the other way around because here at Sunshine Flyers, the students always come first.

Tammy Meredith

Office Staff


Tammy Meredith began working at Sunshine Flyers in June of 2015. Tammy has earned her Private Pilot License in January 2017. She is highly knowledgeable and works very hard to fulfill all of our clients' needs and answer any questions pertaining to aviation or the Sunshine Flyers business. Here, she is pictured next to the P-51 that she flew in during the Bud Anderson statue unveiling in 2015.

Joe Lindo



Joe has been flying since 1970, first in gliders at RAF Bicester and concurrently in civil airplanes at the RAF Upper Heyford Aero Club. By 1973, he earned, not only the Private certificate, but also the Commercial, Instrument and Flight Instructor certificates. Joe has a modest but proud career in aviation, flying airplanes as big as Twin Otters at Samoa Air and as small as his own glider, the Duster BJ1B. He is most proud of his accomplishments as a bush pilot in Alaska, earning 2000 all-season flying hours in Cessna 207 and Cessna 208B aircraft. He has flown to places like Tonga and Niue in the South Pacific and Anaktuvuk Pass in Northern Alaska. He flew sky-divers for Sky Dive Kauai and set personal records by staying aloft in his glider for 5.5 hours and climbing to 14,000 feet. With almost 4000 total hours and about 700 hours as a flight instructor, Joe has a passion to teach exemplary stick-and-rudder skills.

Helen Dobeck

Office Staff


Helen Dobeck is our newest edition to the office staff here at Sunshine Flyers. She is a Private Pilot in the process of earning her Instrument Rating. Helen aspires to fly in the airline industry and is excited to be making progress toward her goal. Helen works in the office four days a week and will be happy to assist you with any questions, scheduling, or billing inquiries. 

Michael Duncan



Michael Duncan has owned and operated Sunshine Flyers for more than 34 years. Having flown for almost 40 years, he has experience beyond most other pilots with over 15,000 hours total time and nearly 8000 hours instructor time. He is CFII, MEI, A&P, IA, ASEL, ASES, AAGG (all around good guy), tailwheel, float rated and also instructs in Light Sport. He specializes in tailwheel and basic aerobatics. Don't miss the opportunity to fly with this amazing instructor!

Sunshine Flyers

​​​Part 61 Flight School

Scott Holland


Meet Scott Holland! Scott earned his Private Pilot's License in 1988 and his instructor rating in 1992. In total, he has his CFII, MEI, a type rating in a Beechcraft 1900, and instructs in Tailwheel. His flight experience includes banner-towing for ten years, cargo flying for ten years, and working as a training Captain for a part 135 operation, training pilots to fly Beechcraft 99's, 1900's, and Chieftain's. His total flight time is 10,000 hrs. Scott is calm, patient, kind-spoken and ready to help anyone on their way to getting their pilot's license!