​​​Part 61 Flight School

Sunshine Flyers

Introductory Flight

$99 And Bring a Friend For an Additional $30


Sunshine Flyers' Introductory Flight will give you a preview of what is to come in the process of getting a pilot's license. Anyone can do it. There is no age limit or prior experience necessary. The introductory flight includes a 40 minute flight with one of our top instructors where you will learn to maneuver the plane under caring guidance.
Afterwards, there is a 20 minute ground instruction where you will discuss what you did in the air with your instructor and talk about the basic process of getting a private pilot's license.
You will also receive your own personal logbook to record your flight time in as well as a

free 6 month subscription to Flight Training magazine. This package also makes a great gift
for any friend or family member who has always had the itch for adventure. For an additional
$30, you can bring along a friend to ride in the backseat and watch while you take the yoke
with your flight instructor.  Call or stop by to schedule or purchase a gift certificate!  


Even if you are not planning on pursuing a pilot's license, this introductory flight is a perfect
one time experience for anyone who is interested. It makes a great gift for Birthdays,
Christmas, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, or any other occasion. This experience is for