Sunshine Flyers

​​​Part 61 Flight School

Cessna 172



4 place. 160 hp. Garmin 530.

This is our most recently added Cessna 172. The interior of this bird is absolutely beautiful with brand new upholstery and a clean, standard instrument panel equipped with a Garman 530. This plane is perfect for anyone and offers a third airplane for students who choose to do their training in our Cessna 172's.

Cessna 152



2 place. 100 hp.

Our Cessna 152 is a simple two-seat airplane that rents for an affordable price. A popular choice for first time students, she is light and easy to fly with a basic set of steam gauges and equipped with one VOR for cross country navigation. As of May 2016, she has a brand new engine that runs strong and makes takeoff and climb out a breeze. Take her out for a spin and see why she's one of our most popular flyers!

Evektor SportStar



2 place. Rotax 100 hp.

You've been asking for it, and we've finally got it! We are excited to finally offer you this Light Sport Airplane. With this aircraft, you can train for a Light Sport License. She is wonderful in the air and lots of fun to fly. If you can no longer get a medical certificate, that doesn't have to stop you from flying anymore. A Light Sport aircraft does not require you to have a medical to fly.

Cessna 172



4 place. 160 hp.

Give this gorgeous girl a go for the same rate and same qualification as her older sister pictured above. These two aircraft are nearly identical. N9860G is also a four seat-er with 160 horsepower. Tried and true, this Cessna has recently become one of Sunshine Flyers' most used trainer airplanes.

Piper Arrow II



4 place. 200 hp. Complex aircraft with Garmin 430W 


With a Garmin 430 WAAS, 200 horsepower, retractable gear, constant speed prop she's a perfect airplane for those interested in pursuing either a commercial license, instrument rating, or CFI. It also makes for a wonderful cross-country rental plane. This beautiful aircraft has just recently been given a brand new paint job and brand new upholstery. She's a  treat to fly.

Citabria 7KCAB


2 place tandem. 150 hp. Tailwheel.

Ever thought about learning aerobatics? Well if so, this is the perfect plane for you. With this airplane, you can also get your tailwheel endorsement, spin training and even try some off field takeoffs and landings.

All rates are wet

Sunshine Flyers offers instruction in some of the most standard aircraft around, giving students a solid foundation for any aircraft they may approach in the future. Our airplanes fall within the single engine land category and have much to offer in way of anyone seeking a Private Pilot certificate or higher. With comfortable four seat airframes, our airplanes are also easily used for long distance trips with family or friends. Our Cessna 172 and Cessna 152 make fantastic trainers for new pilots as they are standard and forgiving. Our Cessna 172 is also great for instrument ratings and spin training. Our Citabria 7KCAB is perfect for gaining tailwheel time. It is also great for mountain flying and off field landings. No dirt strip is too much for this airplane. All of these fantastic airplanes are available for check out and rental.